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LED tester
TV LED backlight
LEDs for LED backlight
LCD screen Update LED backlight kit
CCFL for Sharp TV
10"--17"inch notebook CCFL lamp
LED Converter
10"--17"inch CCFL lamp with cable
15"--26 inch monitor CCFL lamp
15"--22"inch CCFL lamp with bracket
CCFL lamp Φ2.0mm
3"--10" CCFL with cable
CCFL lamps Φ2.6 mm
CCFL lamps Φ3.0 mm
CCFL Lamps Parts
CCFL lamp EEFL for Philips panel
LCD screen Update LED backlight kit
22"22 inch LCD CCFL upgrade LED backlight kit 485mm Brightness adjustable
Item No.:LED0006
Simply description: 
Member Price:$4.90
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Detail description

1set kit include 2 led strip+1 converter+cable

LED strip size:485mm*4mm

LED driver Size: 7CM*2CM

input power: 9V~30V


for laptop screen:
10inch Led  backlight,length: 220mm
12inch Led backlight,length: 255mm
12inch Led backlight,length:268mm
13inch Led backlight,length:270mm
14inch Led backlight,length:290mm
14inch Led backlight,length:310mm
15inch Led backlight,length:310mm
15.4inch Led backlight,length: 336mm
for monitor screen:
15inch led strip  kit: length:325mm
17inch led strip  kit:length:355mm
19inch led strip  kit: length:395mm
19inch wide panel led strip  kit :length:425mm
18.5inch  led strip  kit: length:425mm
20inch led strip  kit: length:455mm
22inch led strip  kit:length:490mmmm
23.6inch led strip kit,length:530mm
24inch led strip kit: length:540mm
what sizes do you need? 

If your monitor is using a inverter, then this kit replace the inveter to plug into the driver board ; 

If your monitor is a high-voltage integrated power supply board, then: the board energized, find 12V (capacitance),  

and then unplug the power supply,use a multimeter to find and 12V (capacitance) Disconnect original connecting  

the negative terminal, the board received three line: 12V, ON, GND, the 12v of  the inverter connect with 12v positive  

electrode of hign-voltage intergrated power supply board,GND is connected with the negative electrode, ON connect  
with the ON / OFF. In simple terms, tThe original high voltage power supply is disconnected,instead of the inverter, 
In the original high-pressure front to take power 
VIN  : voltage 
ENA: on/off 
DIM: ADJ  adjust brightness 
GND: connecting Ground 
Hope this can help you ,this is DIY kit,we cannot replace you to do it all.Hope that you can understand it 

If you donot know any repair skill,you"d better not choose this kit. 

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